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Winter Proof Your Home | Live Love in the Home

I don't know how it is where you live, but here in West Virginia it is getting cold! Not only are the temperatures dropping outdoors, but I can feel the impact indoors.  It is time for me to winter-proof my home and keep the cold air out! I have put together this list of tips to help keep your home warm this Winter.  

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Close all Windows

Close all the windows, duh, right?  Believe it or not, but you may not be closing your windows properly.  When you shut them, make sure you lock them as well. You want them to be air tight.  Check to ensure there are no cracks where cold air can come in, or where warm air can escape.  This can also help you save on your heating or electric bill.

If there are cracks, use window caulk, window insulation, plastic, or even just a towel, if nothing else, to block the draft.

Use Curtains

Using heavy curtains can help keep the cool out and the warm air in.  You can open them during the day when the sun is shining in.  Sunlight is actually a good thing too.  Keep obstructions clear from your home so the sun has direct contact with your home.  It'll help heat things up, the natural way!

Check and Close Doors

Check the cracks in the doors, especially those leading outdoors.  Block the seams with a towel, rug, door stopper, or some other sort of barrier. 

It also helps to keep the doors closed to rooms that aren't being used or are not being used at the moment, such as the door to the basement. 

Use a Rug

Rugs or carpet can help keep your floors less cold and your feet a little warmer.  They also help to prevent heat loss through the floor.

Add Insulation

Put some insulation in the attic or crawl spaces to keep the heat from escaping through the ceiling.

Use Your Oven

Get in your kitchen and cook!  The heat from the oven can help warm your home.  Another positive outcome to this is that you end up with a full belly too, which is always the perfect compliment when you are nice and cozy! 

Have some tips of your own to keep the Winter chill out of your home?  Share them below in the comments!


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