Why I'm Not Afraid to Fail and Why You Shouldn't be Either

Never Be Afraid to Fall Apart Rae Smith Quote | Live Love in the Home

I absolutely love this Rae Smith quote.  I've had to fall apart many, many times and I've learned to be extremely grateful for those moments.  It is from those times that I have learned the most about myself and the most about this world.  

At times, some have labeled me a failure, and I agreed, but I don't think that's such an awful thing.  There are a lot of successful individuals who were also once looked upon as a "failure."  For instance, did you know that Albert Einstein couldn't talk until he was 4.  Now, I'm not so sure that his parents actually called him a failure, but as a parent myself, I can tell you that if my children didn't talk until they were 4, I'm not sure my first thought would be - future genius! Even Oprah Winfrey was once told that she wasn't made for television.  I'm pretty sure we can all agree that isn't exactly the truth.

Why I'm Not Afraid to Fail and Why You Shouldn't be Either

Would you like to know why these people, even myself, who were once looked upon as someone who wasn't exactly succeeding, are now where they are?  It's because they decided not to give in to those failures.  They decided to grow from them; they decided to reinvent themselves or simply just keep trying.  

If they had decided to give up the first time they failed, or even the many times after the first, the level of success they have reached would not be so. If I had decided to give up all those times I didn't reach my potential, I wouldn't be here now.

Every single chance you fail is another chance to switch things up.  It is another opportunity to create the person you really want to be.  It's another time to learn.  So, instead of looking at my failures as hardships, I try my very hardest to look at them simply as stepping stones, that are there to help me on my journey in life. 

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