What Once Was Home

Not only do abandoned homes sometimes depress me, they also intrigue me as well.  I can't help but create some sort of story in my mind of how life might have been before these homes were left behind for something else.  Most of these structures are forgotten about and have been left to wither away with time. Take a moment now to enjoy the beauty in these photos - the beauty that some feel is long gone.

Old Home

Abandoned Migrant Camp


Little House on Shaniko Prairie, OR 8-13

Old House_DSC4369
Theres no place like home

Please note, I do not own any of these photos.  All rights belong to the original owner, and have been credited as such.  I am not either endorsed or supported by any of these artists, I simply admire their work very much. 
If I have used your photo and you would like it removed, I will gladly do so.


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