How to Manage Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be a stressful one for some individuals.  Many of us are left feeling like we are running on empty.  Learning how to deal with stress is actually important for our health.  Too much stress can lead to anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, and a weakened immune system (American Psychological Association, 2012).

Finding a hobby you enjoy can certainly help to relieve some of your stress.  There are also other things you can do when it comes to stress management, such as: meditation, exercising, seeking support, and taking a break.


Learning mindfulness techniques can help you relax.  You can utilize these methods to help ease some of the stress you are feeling.


There is plenty of research out there exploring the many benefits of exercise.  Not only can you increase your physical strength and endurance levels, but you can also decrease your stress level when you exercise.  Simply just taking a short walk or run can help you relieve stress immediately.

Seek Support from Family & Friends

When something is bothering you, or overwhelming you, it helps to let it out.  Instead of letting the stress build up, talk over what's on your mind with someone you trust.

Take a Break

You can also help reduce stress just by taking a break from what it is that is stressing you out the most.  Perhaps you feel like you're going crazy trying to finish your holiday to-do list.  Take a little time away from shopping for that perfect gift, filling out hundreds of holiday cards, or baking dozens of Christmas cookies, if it is leaving you feeling overwhelmed.  You'll be able to prep for the holidays with a clearer mind if you just take a break every once in a while.

Take charge of your health and the stress you feel.  In a world that just keeps going and going, no matter what we are facing personally, practicing meditation, exercising, opening up about our feelings, or just taking a break, could all help lower our stress and in turn, keep us healthier and happier!


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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Taking a break during the madness always helps me. It gives me a moment to regroup and relax a bit. Even as little as 10 minutes can have an incredible impact.

    Sometimes you just need to clear your head before it becomes too much.


    1. Thank you for sharing, Lea.

      You're exactly right! Taking even just a few moments to step away and take some deep breaths can definitely help you regroup and relax.

      Stress relief can come in big and small forms - remember the stress ball? Even the smallest step towards stress management is helpful!

      All the best,