New Years Eve Party Planning List

New Years Eve Party Planning List | Live Love in the Home

The Holidays wouldn't be complete without the perfect New Years bash.  I have put together a pretty much complete party planning list for a New Years Eve Party.  Feel free to implement these plans into your own get together this New Years Eve.

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Guest List

  • Create a guest list
  • Create invitations 
    • You can create your own, customized invitations, with Tiny Prints, just like this one below.  Or, you can pick another New Years Eve invitation template from their wide selection.

  • Decide on your theme
    • For the party I'm planning now, I have chosen the theme: 
"Pink and Gold 2015"

  • Create your menu
    • I love finger foods, so that is going to be the theme of the menu at my party.  Here are some of the appetizer-type dishes that will be served. is an online candy store with over 2500 bulk candy and nut products. Also, they have a low flat rate shipping within 1 business day. 

I have decided to choose from candy from here to stock up my candy bar.  I'll stick with colors that match my theme.

  • The drink menu is an important one as well.  This night is the perfect time to get creative.  Here are some fun drinks I'll have available at my party:
Of course, what's a party without some games and entertainment?  Here are some ideas for you to use to help keep everyone going until the ball drops!
  1. Photo Booth
  2. "Don't Say Happy New Year Until Midnight" - you aren't allowed to say it until the clock strikes 12!
  3. "Guess how Many" - purchase a bunch of mini 2015 party favors, put them in a jar, and have people take turns guessing how many there are. (Be sure to count before you put them in :) 
You can also buy some games to play, depending on the guests who will be attending, or how many.  For an adult-only party, you can always try Cards of Humanity, which I can say from personal experience, is a game that will keep you all laughing, and saying "OMG!"

Have a Happy New Year! 

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