It's a Chocolate Emergency

This weekend, I spent most of my time going through the house, eating all the chocolate I could find.  I really wanted some pie too, but we don't seem to tuck much of that away in the cabinet corners around here.

If I would have had this next completed project around, you can bet I would have broken into it.  After all, some emergencies can only  be solved by consuming lots and lots of chocolate!


Emergency Chocolate Craft – In Case of Emergency Break Glass by 30 Minute Crafts

Emergency Chocolate Craft – In Case of Emergency Break Glass by 30 Minute Crafts


How long do you think it would last before you had to get your chocolate fix?

Where Can You Go For DIY Inspiration

I've had friends ask me before - "Where do you find the ideas for these cool projects?"  Inspired by that question, I created a list of the top 13 DIY Blogs I like to visit for some creative inspiration.

  1. Kraft & Mint  - Find craft ideas with a modern twist.

  2. Not Just a Housewife - Find project ideas that won't cost you a fortune to make!

  3. Creative & Chic - Here, you will find super chic ideas!

  4. Miss Kris Turner - I just love the personality you'll notice when browsing this site!

  5. Poppytalk - Find lots of lifestyle inspiration here.

  6. Sarah Hearts - Prepare to start crafting after visiting this site.

  7. Little Green Notebook - Go green and visit this crafty site!

  8. Dream a Little Bigger - Go ahead, dream a little bigger :)

  9. Dream Green DIY - And, Dream in green while you're at it!

  10. DIY Playbook Make all the right moves with these crafty ladies.

  11. Spoonflower Blog - Find lots of fun diy projects here!

  12. The Happy Housie - Here, you will find lots of fun arts and crafts projects!

  13. A Beautiful Mess - This site is not a mess at all, and one of my absolute faves.  Be prepared to return again, and again, and again!


5 DIY Halloween Costumes




If you are anything like me, even when we plan to get it all done early, we just can't make it to the store until two days or so before Halloween arrives.  One year, I waited until last minute, only to find that the costume didn't fit and I only had enough time to put together something homemade.  Next time, I'll stick to planning it out a little better, and perhaps draw inspiration from these creative diy costume ideas.  My oldest son will get a kick out of the sushi costume and I know my youngest son will beg me to make him the ninja turtles one.


P.s. I still have yet to get a costume for my kids, so I suppose I should think about taking my own advice here :)


The Last Minute Kids' Owl Costume by Alpha Mom is absolutely adorable!  Any owl loving children will definitely beg for this one!

For all the blossoming butterflies out there, the DIY Monarch Butterfly Costume by iCandy Handmade is a perfect fit!

Your child can be a fish in the sea - a jelly fish that is, with the beautiful DIY Halloween Costume: Jellyfish, by Style Me Pretty Living.

My son loves eating Sushi, and he might even be willing to walk around as it for one night, with the DIY Halloween Costume: Sushi by Style Me Pretty Living.

And for all the parents with children who want to be turtles, the Easy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume by A Night Owl is just what you need!



Chicken Recipe Roundup

Try out these yummy chicken recipes for your next dinner party or family dinner night.

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An After School Snack

Caramel Apple Nachos by Butter with a Side of Bread

Caramel Apple Nachos by Butter with a Side of Bread

Skip the Fire and Make a Wreath

Recently, when visiting some friends of mine, it was decided that we would build a bonfire.  A bonfire - Yay!  Visions of s'mores and smoke filled lungs filled my mind.  Then, my sweet friend's hubby announced that the wood for the fire would be ready right after he chopped up the old kitchen table.  I sprang to my feet and rushed to see this fire worthy table.  To my surprise, it was in pretty decent shape.  My diy wheels were turning.  Sadly, my trying to convince him to salvage this beauty and turn it into crafts of the future didn't work, and it was soon in a bunch of pieces piled outside.  As piece after piece was thrown into the first, my craft heart was crushed just a little more.  It was completely flattened when I came across this next tutorial, realizing those burned up pieces of wood could have been perfect for this project.

Hexagon Wooden Fall Wreath Tutorial by Cherished Bliss

Hexagon Wooden Fall Wreath Tutorial by Cherished Bliss

Serve Me Salad, Hold the Health

For some people, salads are a go to health meal.  For me - I don't eat anything because it's healthy, not even salads.  I eat them, well because, they are just so freakin' good! Here's a pretty yummy option for you to try.  And yeah, it may actually be somewhat healthy for you, but you don't have to really tell anyone that :)

Harvest Cobb Salad by Damn Delicious

Harvest Cobb Salad by Damn Delicious


Cauliflower Your Kids Will Love

Ranch Cauliflower Bites Recipe by The Gunny Sack

Ranch Cauliflower Bites Recipe by The Gunny Sack