DIY Ribbon Storage Ideas

DIY Ribbon Storage Ideas | Live Love in the Home

When I was younger, my Mom made a lot of my special occasion dresses.  She enjoyed sewing, and throughout the years, she had  gathered a huge collection of ribbons.  While I have yet to accumulate as much as she had, the need for storage ideas inspired this post.  This DIY list will help any ribbon hoarder get a little more organized.

First on the list is this awesome DIY project from The Cottage Mama.  These DIY Ribbon Holders would be perfect little decorations for any craft room!

Next on the list is this equally as awesome tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens, for this Picture Perfect Ribbon Holder.

You can swap out the washi tape in the Easy Washi Tape Storage tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Happy Organizing!


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