Dealing with a Moody Teen

How to Deal with a Moody Teen | Live Love in the Home
How to Deal with a Moody Teen | Live Love in the Home

Ever wondered how to deal with a moody, or disrespectful teen?  Me too.

My boys aren't teenagers yet, but it can never be too early to prepare for those years.  Here are some tips to help you deal with the relationship you have (and the ones I will have) with your teen.


Rules are important.  Your teen needs to know what is acceptable behavior and language and what is not.  It even helps to involve your teen in the rule setting process.  This way, you can both be in agreement of what's expected.  After you set the rules, be sure to follow up.  Rules mean nothing when not enforced.


When a rule is broken, consequences can help teach a teen that when they do something wrong, especially something they've agreed on, they must own up to it.  Consequences could be taking away the cell phone or computer, or cancelling the best friend movie date they have planned for the weekend.  You can base the consequence for breaking a rule, based on which one was broken.  Consequences can also be discussed with a teen when setting a rule.  They are more apt to follow a rule when it is not only just enforced, but also when they know what's at stake.

They Learn What They See & Hear

You are one of the most important teachers in your teen's life.  They'll copy things you say and do, and yeah, they'll sometimes act like you.  You should try to be a good role model for them.  Show them what you expect with your own words and actions.

Stay Calm

Don't panic and don't argue.  It's best to keep your cool.  Don't use words to hurt your teen.  Remember, if it would hurt your feelings, chances are, your teen is definitely going to take it to heart.  If you get too overwhelmed, take a deep breath, or walk away for a moment to calm down.


You'll both be just fine and even if it's said, your teen doesn't really hate you.  Remember what it was like to be that age and just keep breathing.

Need Help?

You may need a little more advice.  If so, you may find it helpful to contact:

  • Other parents

  • Your teen's school counselor

  • You can also seek professional help, if needed.


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