Think Pink and Decorate Your Home

Not sure you're brave enough to decorate with pink? (bright pink, that is).  I love the color, but it's not one I tend to gravitate towards when I'm decorating a room within my home.  My mind has been changed, and yours might too after you see these rooms, all decorated with the theme color "pink."

The easiest room to introduce the color pink to has to be the bathroom.  It's not hard to throw a colorful soap dish on the counter or towel on the rack, but have you ever thought about more than that?

Transitional Bathroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Armstrong Keyworth

the dining room

Eclectic Porch by Toronto Architects & Building Designers post Architecture

Perhaps now you won't fear this color so much when it comes to bringing it into your home decorating plans!

Decorative Pillow Color: Pink, Orange and White Flawlessly Floral Pillow Color: Pink, Filler: Down Peacock Rattan End Table Color: Pink Ribbon Side Table Finish: Pink


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