Save Some Space

If you are running out of room at home or just live in a tiny space, these next photos will hopefully offer some inspiration.  Featured here are creative storage options you can do yourself to clean up some clutter, or create more space at home.

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Have no where to put a washer and dryer, but own a staircase?  Perhaps you should think again and try out this next idea.  Just build a spot for the units underneath the stairs!

Eclectic Laundry Room by Montreal Architects & Building Designers John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

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Here's another creative way to use those stairs for something other than climbing - use them as a bike rack!

Industrial Staircase by Philadelphia Design-Build Firms Nic Darling

If you use old luggage for storage, you can always work them into your decor scheme to keep an area from looking too "eclectic" or over-cluttered.

Farmhouse Spaces by Philadelphia Media & Bloggers Sara Bates

Using old drawers is a great way to display some of your favorite photos, knick-knacks, books and other decorative odds and ends.

Contemporary Home Office by San Francisco Media & Bloggers Monica Ewing

With these last photos, you can find organization inspiration for those fashion accessories that never quite seem to have a proper home between uses.

Use a slotted drawer, hang it on the wall, and use it as a jewelry organizer. Hang some decorative hooks beside it to hang your necklaces.

Closet by Los Angeles Photographers Chris A. Dorsey Photography

An old ladder, that may just be stowed away until you decide to finally toss it, can actually come in handy.  Instead of getting rid of it, use it to store your purses, belts, scarves, and other fashion accessories.


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