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Why I turned Down that Magazine Cover Feature

A big LOL at that title.  Only in my dreams have I ever been offered a spot on the cover of any magazine.  The real reason, among many others, for me not becoming a model is because, well, I'm pretty freakin' short.  My oldest son is almost as tall as me, which brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.  I can still remember when he fit in my arms, now he can barely fit on my lap. (believe me, I still try)  It's true what they say - time sure does fly.

Yeah....I'm a shorty....

Since this isn't the BEST photo we could have taken, I suppose I'll share a couple more.  That way, you know there are real live human beings behind this blog and not some robots who probably need a little oil by now.

Here are my wonderful, amazing, and perfect sons and myself (yes, they really are perfect).  They are my world and they are what keep me looking forward in life.  I never completely knew what true, true love really was until I had them.  I didn't think my love could continue to grow on a daily basis for another, but they have proven to me that it really can happen.

We live and love in this home :)
I'm very excited to be starting this blog!  I have come across hundreds (maybe even thousands) of diy tutorials.  While I cannot finish all of the projects I would like to, I really would love to at least pass all of my favorites onto others.  If you have a love for do it yourself decorations, projects, crafts, organization, furniture, and more - you really should just go ahead and follow this blog now because your diy filing cabinet is about to get even bigger!

Now, I will take some time to share a little about myself.  I am currently a stay at home/work at home mother, wife, and friend.  I am a digital dork, who, when not spending time with family, friends, and taking care of things around the home, you can find clicking away in order to complete some sort of project on the computer.  During the "after the kids bedtime hours", I spend my nights with the moon expanding my Changing Vases, Etsy shop and blog.  I also have a college degree, which I am holding in my back pocket until the time comes I wish to transform my life in another way

For now, I am thankful for and enjoying every moment I get to live and love in my home.

Welcome, all!


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