DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love | Live Love in the Home

Most parents love doing crafts with their kids.  The problem is, not all parents have time to search for craft project ideas and supplies.  Kiwi Crate, perfect for ages 4-8, makes it easy for busy moms and dads.  You can purchase a monthly subscription, and receive a hand's on project, for your child to complete, right at home.  You can also purchase individual crates as well.

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Koala Crate, is perfect for parents with children ages 3-4. With these monthly crates, your child will receive materials and inspiration for playful experiments.

Tinker Crate, perfect for ages 9-14, offers monthly crates where children can explore science, engineering, and technology.

Doodle Crate, made for ages 9-16, comes with a new fun DIY project that kids will love to design and create.

They also offer a Kiwi Crate Time Traveler Series, which comes with 2-3 hands-on projects, perfect for kids ages 3-8.

You can purchase a:

Monthly Subscription

3 Month Subscription

6 Month Subscription

12 Month Subscription

Other great choices include:

Party Favors

Fairy Fun

Space Hero Capes

Gift Options

They also have some really great DIY ideas.

Have fun creating!

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